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A. Alting-Mees, Lead Engineer, Braun
"...very pleased with the professional approach given to this project and, ultimately, with the final outcome. We could not have achieved what we did without ApT Consultants' help..."

T. Richards, Senior Engineer, Kodak
"We hired ApT Consultants after a key engineer left the company. ApT engineers competently met our schedule goals.

J. Bryars, Mgr Prod Dev, Jaycor/Titan

"...Should the situation call for it I would hire ApT again and recommend them to anyone requiring electronics design and embedded processor system development..."


      ApT Consultants, Inc. provides microcontroller, electronic and firmware/software design services for a wide variety of industries and markets. We specialize in microcontroller product design, product development and embedded applications. We can do all or any part of a design from inception to prototypes to coordination with contract and off-shore manufacturing.    

   Our Strengths

      •  Real-Time Systems

      •  Structured Well Documented Firmware
         and Software

      •  Electronic Designs

      •  Mechanical Designs

      •  Printed Circuit Board Layout

      •  Prototypes

   Our Experience

      •  Many Different Microcontroller Families
         and Manufacturers (8/16/32 bit)

      •  Digital and Analog Designs

      •  Sensors (pressure, temperature, IR,
          load cell, etc)

      •  Human Interfaces (displays, buttons,
          keys, etc)
      •  USB, SPI, I2C, UART/RS232/485

      •  Radio links (nRF25L01, eZ430)
      •  PC Interfaces & GUIs (C#, Visual C,
         Visual Basic)
  ApT Consultants will provide turnkey design services or assist your engineering team with new and existing products. Our broad experience means we can quickly come up to speed on your product.
ApT is a registered AVR Consultant
ApT is a registered
Microchip Consultant
ApT is a registered Renesas Consultant
ApT is a registered RF Digital Third Party Resource

El Cajon, CA


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