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  • Automotive Leak Down Tester [website] [photo]
    The LeakChek Pro is an automated leak down tester that measures and locates valve, ring and head gasket leaks. It includes an easy-to-use operator interface to display and print test results.
    Technologies: pressure transducers, LCD display, membrane keypad, thermal printer, EEPROM configuration and data storage, I2C, RS232, sheet metal enclosure
  • Pain Management Instrument [photo]
    The Epi-Scan measures and analyzes skin resistances to determine the source of pain. The on-screen menu prompts the physician for test locations and the data is transferred via USB to a PC where the diagnosis are performed.
    Technologies: high-resistance skin measurements, low-noise analog circuitry, low-power battery operation, EEPROM configuration and data storage, USB, Windows-based data analysis, custom plastic hand-held packaging
  • Commercial Fog Machine [photo]
    The Delta 3000 fog machine consists of the base unit which heats and dispenses the fogging fluid, a hand-held remote control and interfaces to PCs and common theatrical controllers.
    Technologies: PWM heater and motor controls, temperature sensing, keypad, operator interface, RS232, DMX

  • Heart Rate Wrist Watch [photo]
    Development of wrist watches that measures heart rate without chest straps.
    Technologies: Electrocardiagram and optical sensing, operator interface, custom LCDs, low-power battery operation, fast fourier transform processing, custom plastic watch case
  • Body Fat Scale [photo]
    Development of a scale that measures weight and body fat. A remote links to the base unit via an infrared link and includes the operator interface, data storage for multiple users and graphical displays.
    Technologies: load cells, body fat sensing, custom LCD display, infrared link
  • Spa Chemical Dispenser [photo]
    Development of device that dispenses spa chemicals under water. The water pH and ORP are measured and dispensed on schedule to maintain the correct levels.
    Technologies: measuring pH and ORP, custom LCD display, keypad user interface, actuator controls, low power battery operation, custom plastic enclosure
  • Blood Oximeter
    Development of a skin patch sensor and instrumentation to measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
    Technologies: LCD display, operator interface
  • Commercial Sprinkler System
    This sprinkler system controller manages up to 1024 remote stations via an RF link. Typical applications are golf courses and industrial parks.
    Technologies: user interface, keypad, multiple RS232 ports, RF link
  • Dermatology Laser [website]
    This device applies a controlled laser beam to the patient's skin to treat psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin conditions.
    Technologies: laser control and monitoring, user interface, safety controls, vacuum flourescent display
  • Keyless Gun Safe
    This wall-mounted handgun safe uses a keypad to enter the access code that opened the door.
    Technologies: keypad, low power battery operation, actuator control, sheet metal enclosure
  • USB HID Control Panel [photo]
    This Control Panel runs on a Windows PC and communicates via USB (Human Interface Device) to an Atmel AVR microcontroller board that controls four RF heaters. The user can set the Vendor and Product IDs to select the desired controller board and can also set PID loop coefficients and temperature setpoints for each heater. Temperatures for each heater are periodically reported by the microcontroller board to the PC and are displayed on the Control Panel.
    Technologies: PC USB HID implementation, microcontroller USB HID implementation, PC Windows application written in C#.


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