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10 Reasons To Use A Consultant



  1. The most common reason for hiring a consultant is to buy expertise not available in your organization.


  1. Even if your organization has the expertise, the right personnel may not be available to perform a critical task in an acceptable time.


  1. Consultants are business people, too. They understand that you want results, not an on-going science project.


  1. While the hourly cost of a consultant may be higher than the actual cost of an in-house employee (see What An Employee Actually Costs), a consultant usually works with higher efficiency.


  1. The consultant spends virtually all of his or her time working on your project and very little time on overhead such as meetings, vacations, sick time and general office chit-chat. You pay a consultant only for the time worked on your project.


  1. A professional consultant may not know the details of your business, but that's not why you are hiring him or her. You are hiring the consultant for his or her ability to solve problems. An experienced consultant brings you specialized knowledge and skills.


  1. Engaging a consultant will probably be less expensive in the long run than doing the job within your organization or hiring new employees.


  1. A consultant has worked many different projects in many different environments with many different tools and requires less time to hit the ground running than either new employees or existing employees taking on new tasks.


  1. A consultant can do the work no one else wants to do and will free you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.


  1. A consultant's experience can bring a fresh approach and a new unbiased perspective to your project.
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